Indian Railways PNR Status

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Because train travel in India is so different from anywhere else in the world, it is important to know to check the ticket for any changes that may be made; these changes can be viewed by searching the Indian Railways PNR status, which is located at the top of the ticket. The PNR status can be checked online, and doing so is crucial for staying up-to-date on changes that may be made to the train schedule or seating arrangements.

Indian Railways PNR Status

Indian Railways PNR Status

The Indian Railways website,, is the best online resource available to train travelers in India. From here you can check the Indian Railways seat availability and the Indian Railways time table for all information needed to plan a travel itinerary. This website also has the price listing for the trip, and reservations can be made as well.

The Indian Railways PNR status, or passenger name record status, is important because of the unique way that India books tickets. Using a ‚ÄúReservation Against Cancellation‚ÄĚ system, Indian Railways purposefully overbooks trains for cancellations. Even after a train car is filled, travelers can still purchase RAC tickets; in the event that someone cancels, this RAC ticket will be upgraded to actual ticket status. Guests may also be waitlisted, then bumped up to RAC status, and then to a full ticket. People holding an RAC ticket may still ride the train, although there may not be the proper accommodations for them.

It is important to check the Indian Railways PNR status to ensure that you know the actual status of your ticket and seating arrangements. By going to, customers can check their ticket status. The PNR number is located at the top of the ticket. There will usually be seating available, either if someone cancels or if handicapped seating requirements are unmet, but the only way to know is to check the Indian Railways PNR status.

Since the best way to travel in India is by train, it is important to have a detailed understanding of how the system works. Once you have looked at the seat availabilities and the time table, purchase a ticket and keep an eye on the Indian Railways PNR status to ensure that you know where you can expect to sit. Many cancellations occur on the day of travel, so be sure to check the PNR status frequently and right before your train departure. This way, there will be little hassle while travelling and you can enjoy the train ride for all that it is worth.

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